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The sightseeing close to Stenay

There are 19 municipalities in the Stenay country. In a verdant setting, encounter it's surroundings are an excellent idea for a family outing.


The Stenay country, Guided Tour:


The Castles

All the castles are private and of different styles...It's a unique stroll through history and nature! (we cannot visit them).

 Le château de Bronelle  Le château de Cervisy  Le château de Charmois

The Stenay's Castles:

The Castle of Bronnelle (18th century) is situated in Brouennes (4km of Stenay). In the property, there are a family chapel, a farmer,...

The Castle of Cervisy (17th century) is situated in the North of Stenay (1km).


The Mouzay's Castles:

The Castle of "Haut Charmois" (17th century). Since 1870, it's an agricultural holding.

The Castle of "Bas Charmois" (19th century). He was restored in 1870. Now, he looks like a castle of minstrel's style.


The Castle of Laneuville

The castle of Laneuville is from the 18th century. He still owns his twice devecotes.


The 14-18 Memorials in Luzy-St-Martin

On the heights of the Village took place hard battles in August, 1914.

There are three days of bloody battles and many French and German soldiers are died. Now, an oak is situated in the center, tree symbolizing the immortality.

  • Two descriptive panels in the village
  • View of the beautiful Meuse Valley
  • Pedestrian and Mountain Bike circuit "La Demoiselle" near the 14-18 Memorials
  • A Travel Brochure is available in the Tourist Office
  • Discover the blog on the World War I in the Stenay Country:

Click here for the Travel Brochure


The Washhouses, fountains and wells

Lavoir de Halles-sous-les-Côtes - J.Boulanger

In the Stenay Country, the water is very plentiful. Each village was built near a river or a brook... There are many washhouses, fountains and wells.

Here is a sampling (open to the public all the year):

  • The well of Moulins St Hubert: The machinery is original
  • The fountain of Laneuville Sur meuse: He is near the washhouse, in the village square
  • The both laundries (18th century) of Halles Sous les Côtes: It is the most important of the country and is situated in the village square.
  • The laundries of Baalon, Mouzay, Cervisy, Autreville, Brouennes, Pouilly, Stenay,...

For more informations:


Churches, chapel, cemeteries

 Eglise de Brouennes  Calvaire de Montserrat  Cimetière d'Autreville

The Country of Stenay was affected by the Religion Wars during the 16th and 17th centuries. Some villages have disappeared as Sumay or Chimay (betwwen Nepvant and Brouennes) or Soupy (near Autreville). Mostly churches, chapels and cemeteries are in the neo-classic style (18th century).

However, some Romanesque and Gothic Churches are always present as Mouzon, Avioth, Mont devant Sassey, Dun sur Meuse or Marville.


  • The Saint Gregoire le Grand Churches in Stenay (open daily from 9a.m to 19p.m)
  • The pilgrimage in the Saint Dagobert Fountain takes place every last Saturday on August in memory of the killing of the II Saint Dagobert.
  • The pilgrimage of "La Vierge Noire de Montserrat" in Halles Sous les Côtes takes place every first week-end on September.


Around the Stenay Country

The localization of Stenay

Situation du Pays de Stenay


The weather forecast

Meteo Stenay

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