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Museum and exhibitions rooms

In this category, we would like to suggest a wide range of Museum and exhibitions in Stenay and this surroundings. The map and the practical information are at your disposal.


In Stenay:


In Beauclair:

  • The private Museum of Bier Glasses


Around the Stenay Country:

  • The fortification Museum - Montmédy
  • The Jules Bastien Lepage Museum - Montmédy
  • The "Casemates d'artistes" - Montmédy
  • The Ipoustéguy Center - Doulcon
  • The Romagne 14-18 Museum - Romagne
  • The Felt Museum- Mouzon
  • The Dovecote (Colombier) exhibition room - Mouzon
  • The beginning period of aviation Museum - Douzy


In Stenay

The European Museum of Bier Logo Aldine Web


The museum is installed in the old foods store of the Citadel (17th century). The European Museum of Bier is unique in Europe with more of 45000 item's collectors... It's a unique stroll through history and Bier with this interactive games, sound and olfactory atmosphere...

An important venue for all lovers of Bier!!



The Opening Hours:

  • The museum is opened on March 1st to December 1st
  • Every day from 10 a.m to 12.30 a.m and from 13.30 p.m to 18 p.m


  • €5/ adult
  • Free for people under 18 years old
  • Reduced-fare: to ask at the Tourist Office

Practical Informations:

  • Guided tours are scheduled (Click here for to discover the daily of the visits)
  • Child Circuit
  • Temporary Exhibition (It's free with the Bier Museum Ticket)
  • At the end of the visit, there are a pub house with a wide range of biers (and you can drink a fresh bier!!)
  • There are a lot of animations in the pub house

Address and Phone numbers:

Musée Européen de la Bière
17, rue du Moulin
F- 55700 Stenay
 03 29 80 68 78

Web site:


The Temporary Exhibition room in the European bier Museum

The museum has a beautiful exhibition room. It's open every day on March to December (from 10 a.m to 12.30 a.m and from 13.30 p.m to 18 p.m). The room is situated on the first floor and it is much appreciated by the artists.


  • Depend of the exhibition

Practical information:

  • For the artists: If you want to exhibit you can call Franck Mourot (0329806878)


The Exhibition Room of the Marina

Peintre au port 2 Port

This Exhibition room is situated closed to the European Bier Museum. Just at the water's edge, the room is very appreciated by the artists. All the exhbitions are free.

The Opening Hours:

  • On April 1st to September 30th
  • Every day, from 14 p.m to 18 p.m

Practical Informations:

  • In the Marina, you can find the touristic informations (with flyers, leaflet, brochure,...) on Stenay, the department, the region,...
  • You can find too local products (bier, honey, food,...)
  • For the artists: if you want to exhibit (Laurence: 0329806422)


The "Crypte Saint Dagobert"

Bas relief contemporain  Portail  Tympan

The "Crypte Saint Dagobert"is situated in the Center Town and closed to the Tourist Office. There are an exhibition room which traces the history of Merovingian kings and the King Dagobert II. He was killed in 679 closed to Stenay (in the Woëvre Forest in Mouzay)... It's a journey through time!

The Opening hours:

  • All year from Monday to Friday (from 9 a.m to 12 a.m and from 14 p.m to 17 p.m)


  • €2.50/ person

Practical informations:

Address and phone call:

Cercle Saint-Dagobert II (Assurances Bonnefoy)
3 Place Raymond Poincaré
55700 - STENAY
Tél : 03 29 80 48 19
ou 03 29 80 48 04


The Chapel of Arts

The Chapel was built in 1907. Nowadays, it's a room for exhibitions, concerts, conferences,...

Address and phone call:

La Chapelle des Arts
Avenue de Verdun
55700 - STENAY
Tél : 03 29 80 27 32 ou 03 29 80 64 22

The localization of Stenay

Situation du Pays de Stenay


The weather forecast

Meteo Stenay

The opening hours

The Tourist Office of Stenay - Val Dunois , is open from...

It's closed from November to February. 

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